AEMT Shortlisted for Trade Association Forum Awards

The Association for the Electrical and Mechanical trades (AEMT) is pleased to announce that its Lead Trainer and Technical Advisor, Karl Metcalfe, has been shortlisted as a finalist in the annual Trade Association Forum Awards under the Association Executive of the Year category.
AEMT Shortlisted for Trade Association Forum Awards

Karl Metcalfe (Image source: AEMT)

The Trade Association Forum Awards recognise associations and those working in them that have delivered for their members and their sector or made outstanding contributions over the previous year. The Association Executive of the Year Award is designed to reward a trade association employee who has delivered above and beyond for their association and their sector.

Karl, who has been working for the AEMT for almost four years, is recognised for his work in enabling the Association to continue to deliver its training throughout the Covid pandemic. A major income stream for the Association, the training teaches delegates the responsibilities and standards required to repair electromechanical equipment installed into hazardous areas. This work is extremely important in preventing massive disasters such as the Deepwater Horizon explosion, which ended up costing BP upwards of $12 billion and was responsible for 11 deaths and devastating the natural environment.

In the early stages of the Covid pandemic, Karl studied and rewrote much of the Association’s training content. He proposed a workaround for remote practical assessments, and the stage was set for online training. As it became clear that Covid was not going away, the AEMT was fortunate to find it had a viable online solution to enable the critical training to continue.

Beyond the courses, Karl is keen to improve the general quality of the industry. He speaks at conferences to raise awareness of what quality work looks like. He visits international members while travelling on training courses, championing the AEMT. All of which is above and beyond what’s required of him.

Commenting on the nomination, Thomas Marks, Secretariat and General Manager of the AEMT, said: “I am delighted that Karl has been recognised by this industry-leading award programme, something I believe is well deserved. His dedication, can-do attitude, and hard work have made the Association a great place to work and be a member of.”

Karl Metcalfe commented: “To have been shortlisted alongside representatives from some of the country’s most highly regarded trade associations is a complete honour. The electromechanical repair sector performs a hugely important role, and I am proud to be continuingly playing my part in seeing it recognised.”

The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony to be held at the Brewery, London, on the evening of February 23rd.

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