Advanced Flow Measurement from Flux Pumps


An eight-page brochure from Flux Pumps describes a liquid meter which sets new standards in precision, versatility and ease of use.

Advanced Flow Measurement from Flux Pumps

Designed for portable use with barrel pumps or fixed installation into pipework systems, the Flux FM C meter combines accurate measurement with control functions for safe, simple handling. Together with an interface amplifier it operates as a presettable batch controller actuating a magnetic valve or pump.

A 7-digit liquid crystal display allows batch volumes to be preset, and instantaneous flowrate to be indicated, in litres, Imperial gallons or US gallons. The Flux FM C is suited to liquids with viscosities up to 2500mPas (cP). The use of high-quality materials such as PP, ETFE and stainless steel, along with built-in calibration constants for a variety of liquids, allows the meter to be used in a wide range of applications.

All versions are explosion-proof to EEx ia 11C T6. To convert the meter into a batch controller, Flux Pumps offers a choice of amplifiers including an integrally mounted option. Flux can also supply all mounting and interconnection accessories, as well as a quick action tap which can be integrated with the meter.

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