3. Spaix User Conference Again Offered a Platform to Exchange Experiences


The Spaix User Conference organized by VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE took place for the third time. The event brought together customers and interested parties to discuss industry trends as well as the use of the Spaix software solutions for pump sizing. In addition, the latest development - Spaix 5 - was presented to the public for the first time.

3. Spaix User Conference Again Offered a Platform to Exchange Experiences

The participants join the VSX employees for a group picture at the beginning of the conference. (Image: VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE GmbH)

Experienced Spaix users as well as interested parties participated in the conference leading to a lively exchange about the usage of the software. The time after the individual sessions as well as the breaks was used for various discussions between the participants as well as the VSX software developers, support staff and management. Companies from eight different countries registered for the conference.

As in the years before Spaix customers again agreed to attend as speakers. Mrs. Dorle Weigang of the company Richter Chemie-Technik GmbH from Kempen/Germany presented how Spaix helps to organize business processes within companies more efficient. In addition to the use of Spaix as a technical data source, the program is also used for the ordering process of the engineered products of the company. The Russian company Piping Systems Research and Engineering Co sent Ms. Elena Yudovina to present the implementation of a bidirectional interface for the integration of Spaix with their pipeline analysis program Hydrosystem. The combination of both programs allows the visualization of the interaction between the pump and the pipeline system. Both presentations were well received by the participants.

The focus of the presentations held by VSX employees was the brand-new product Spaix 5 which, in addition to the functional enhancements, particularly convinces with a redesigned user interface and improved performance. In the introductory session, VSX Managing Director Jens-Uwe Vogel presented the program and its latest features. Based on this, subsequent sessions addressed, for example, useful additional modules such as pump exchange and pump comparison, the completely revised motor selection, which can also be carried out independently, or the management of historical pumps. In addition, the QuickSearch, which has been newly integrated in the standard version, was introduced. With the QuickSearch a quick pump selection can be made directly from the main screen of the program. Another session focused on the sizing of turbine pumps and parallel operations of different pumps. Special attention was also paid to the introduction of the new SpareSelector, which allows the selection and categorization of spare parts in Spaix 5, either as part of the pump selection or as individual selection. The life cycle costs as well as their visualization and calculation in Spaix was the focus of another session. The Spaix WebService as part of a service-oriented company IT was also introduced in one of the lectures.

In addition to the lectures, there were again sessions in which the participants were given the opportunity to follow the presented content directly in the program. These topics, especially interesting for data maintainers, dealt with formulas as well as strategic data input. While one session was entirely focused on the Spaix formula syntax and its usage, the other session offered the possibility to develop strategies for a useful data input and how to recognize and avoid possible sources of error in advance.

The event started with a culinary cruise on the evening before the event. On the way to the pier, the participants were guided by the historical figure Countess Cosel through the historic old town of Dresden and listened to many interesting facts concerning the cities past and present. Despite the cool and rainy weather, the evening was a successful complement to the conference.

"We are again very happy about the interest of our customers and prospective customers, but above all we enjoyed the lively discussions during the breaks. On one hand, these discussions provide a direct dialogue with our target group; on the other hand, these discussions form an essential basis for further optimization of our software products. The resulting platform for the exchange of experiences between users as well as between users and potential users is important for both parties and was again very well received. The personal contact between the participants and our employees was also made possible and intensified. Another very successful event, which we are already looking forward to repeat, " concludes Jens-Uwe Vogel, Managing Director of VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE.

Impressions and voices concerning the conference

“The Spaix User Conference is a very useful meeting for Spaix users and administrators to hear about the latest Spaix developments, to get to know Spaix users from other companies and to find out their daily difficulties as well as possible ingenious solutions.”

Joachim Brütsch, ALLWEILER GmbH

“It was a great pleasure for us to visit our partners and friends from VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE and to participate in 3rd Spaix User Conference. This gave us a good opportunity to get the latest information and development news on Spaix «from first hands», to establish contacts and to share knowledge and experience with other Spaix users. We especially appreciate the opportunity to report to participants about our own software for Piping network flow analysis and its integration with Spaix!

And special thanks to organizers for wonderful culture program in beautiful spring Dresden!”

Leonid B. Korelstein, Piping Systems Research & Engineering Co

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