2014 Taco FloPro Factory Training


Taco’s FloPro Training program for 2104 combine’s 2-day factory courses at their new Innovation & Development Center (IDC) with many more single day training sessions offered remotely at wholesaler and rep locations nationwide.

The company offers a broad range of professional development opportunities for plumbing and heating contractors. Participants learn to grow their hydronic expertise and boost profitability.

According to Taco’s Training Manager John Barba, “Residential Hydronics – Advanced Soup to Variable Speed Nuts” is Taco’s newest main course, offered at the Cranston, Rhode Island factory in April-October.

April 10-11 (Sold Out)

May 8-9

June 12-13 (Sold Out)

July 31-August 1 (Sold Out)

September 18-19

October 23-24

Topics include:

  • Proper circulator selection
  • How to read pump curves
  • The truth about three-speed circulators
  • Flat curve pumps - vs - steep curve pumps
  • Calculating flow and head loss
  • Variable speed circs: the truth about electric savings and the value of Delta T
  • Piping and high efficiency boilers
  • Estimating fuel and electric consumption
  • Efficient zoning techniques
  • Wiring for multi-pump relays and zone valve controls
  • Modernizing existing systems

“The factory training sessions run two days, offering extensive hands-on experience with system wiring” said Barba. “The two-day, Cranston, RI sessions also include a factory tour and a night on the town."

The $299 tuition covers training, hotel, meals, and all class materials.

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