Leybold GmbH

Bonner Str. 498
50968 Köln
Pump manufacturer

11.06.2024: New Claw Vacuum Pump from Leybold for Robust Industrial Applications

20.04.2023: Leybold VAControl – Intelligent Process Control for Better Product Quality and More Efficiency

06.04.2023: DV 650 and DV 800 FP-r From Leybold: Compact, Hygienic, Robust

03.08.2022: Leybold Offers VARODRY VDi System for Industrial Vacuum Processes

31.05.2022: Leybold Designs New TURBOVAC iR Model Series

22.10.2021: Leybold Launches Small High Vacuum System for Research and Development

09.06.2021: Leybold Presents Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps

12.05.2021: Leybold Offers Online Sound Checks for Vacuum Pumps

06.11.2020: The new VARODRY HD/O2 version from Leybold – for heavy duty or O2 industrial vacuum processes

22.10.2020: Leybold offers a dry claw pump, CLAWVAC, for robust rough vacuum applications

07.10.2020: New vacuum pump ECODRY 25 and 35 plus from Leybold

12.06.2020: Two new turbomolecular pump sizes from Leybold for R&D and industrial applications

03.04.2020: Vacuum manufacturer Leybold celebrates 170th birthday

19.03.2020: Hygienic Enclosures for vacuum pumps ensure highest hygiene standards

24.01.2020: Leybold Launches Two Vacuum Calculation and Simulation Tools

24.04.2019: Leybold Presents a New Oil-Free Screw Type Vacuum Pump for Food Processing and Packaging

22.03.2019: Leybold Complements Vacuum Screw Pump Series Dryvac with Further Variants

30.08.2018: Water for All – Leybold Strengthens a Long-Term Project of the Atlas Copco Group

21.06.2018: Leybold Announces Innovative Dry Vacuum Pump

21.03.2018: Vacuum Specialist Leybold Supports Swissloop Team

15.12.2017: Leybold Awarded with the Milestone Award for Vacuum Technology

27.11.2017: New Helium Leak Detector Phoenix 4 from Leybold

09.11.2017: Leybold Increases the Energy Efficiency of its Diffusion Pumps

27.10.2017: Scrollvac Plus Vacuum Pumps from Leybold: Flexible, Robust, and Low-Maintenance

30.06.2017: Inauguration of a Leybold Conference and Reception Room at Carnegie Mellon University Nanofabrication Facility

12.06.2017: COPT Center Offers the Stage for Leybold’s Video Shooting for its Newest Vacuum Product

26.04.2017: Leybold Leybold Simplifies Repairs and Maintenance Through Augmented Reality

08.03.2017: Intelligent Downsizing for Modern Analytics by Leybold

27.09.2001: The Modular Dry Roughing Pump Series for Clean Applications