World Novelty: Minimum Dimensions – Maximum Performance


The increasing necessity of miniaturization in medical technology also involves a generally reduced size of classical mechanical elements like pumps. SCHWARZER PRECISION now offers the smallest piston pump for gas worldwide: the SP 022 PI-D.

World Novelty: Minimum Dimensions – Maximum Performance

Despite a size of only 31x22x11 mm and a weight of only 9 grammes this pump can build up a pressure of more than 500 mbar. The flow is sufficient to provide a pressure of approximately 300 mbar for a volume of 200 ccm in less than 8 seconds. Due to its minimum dimensions and weight it can be integrated into the circuit on a circuit board as easily as any electronic component.

30 Years of Experience in Miniature Pump Technology

Schwarzer Precision have been manufacturing high-grade technological miniature pumps for high-end applications since 1972. Today, they claim worldwide technological market leadership. Even NASA profit from their experience.

During the course of the company’s history, the name of the company has become a synonym for quality. The success of the company stands for itself: the name Schwarzer Precision has grown to stand for competence and know-how when it comes to the development and production of precision mechanical pumps, especially those which are used in the high-precision fields of laboratory and medical technology, as well as measuring technology and control systems. Amongst others these include miniature diaphragm pumps for anaesthetic monitoring and analysis systems, and vane pumps for environmental technology. The superior quality and high precision of the products is valued by customers all over the world.

“Of course it makes us proud to be able to count NASA amongst our customers”, commented Marcus Schwarzer, the Managing Director. At NASA, Schwarzer pumps are used for humidification in zero-gravity conditions.

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