Rayflow Developments’s Flowmizer system has made installation engineers seriously reconsider how central heating systems are constructed and installed. At the heart of the innovative design is Wilo Salmson’s circulator technology.

It is rare to find an innovative design that has the potential fundamentally to change an entire industry. It is rarer still to witness that design being developed into a fully operable system that can be applied to buildings as diverse as hospitals, schools and residential properties.

Launched almost two years ago following an extensive research programme, the Flomizer system from Portsmouth-based Rayflow Developments is a completely new central-heating system that relies on a unique ‘pipe-within-a-pipe’ design. Neville Ray, Managing Director at Rayflow Developments, suggests that the system could “revolutionise” the central heating industry. “This is the first time central heating circuits have had the potential for radical change. I believe the Flowmizer system could revolutionise how heating systems are installed and used.”

The Flowmizer system relies on the innovative concept of inserting a flexible Hytrell micro-bore tube within the full length of the main flow pipe. Source temperature water is pumped through the Hytrel tube and returned via its outside wall. The system, Neville explains, provides significant cost savings in terms of materials and installation. He says: “Because the Flowmizer system uses less piping, there are less materials involved, lower maintenance costs and shorter installation times.”

Neville says that although the physical boundaries into which the Flowmizer system fits remain unchanged, the actual piping involved is reduced, which means smaller pumps can be specified. This, he says, is one of the reasons Rayflow Developments choose Wilo Salmson pumps. “The system required smaller, more compact pumps, and that’s where Wilo came up trumps.”

Although Neville explains he uses a number of different Wilo pumps depending on the environment in which the system is to be installed, he says he must ensure that all the pumps are of the highest quality. “At Rayflow Developments, we produce products that have to perform in all conditions. Consequently, we source our components from the very best suppliers, and for the domestic and commercial pump markets, that is Wilo Salmson.”

Rayflow Developments also supplies its systems to larger premises such as industrial plants and office blocks. These applications, Neville says, require much larger systems incorporating a greater number of pumps, which means they demand greater pump efficiency. “Large buildings often need pumps that offer lower energy consumption. Wilo pumps, such as the Wilo-Star-Z, can achieve the levels of energy efficiency that our customers want.

Of possibly more importance, Neville argues, is the pump’s reliability. “The pump is at the heart of the system,” he says, “no pump, no flow.” A central heating system that fails to pump water, fails to provide heat, which can lead to more than just unsatisfied customers. “Consider a hospital,” Neville asks. “If the heating system fails because of a faulty pump, peoples’ lives could be put at risk. That’s why we must ensure our pumps won’t fail. And that’s why we use Wilo Salmson.”

The Flowmizer system represents a significant step forward in terms of central heating technology. Neville says Wilo Salmson’s involvement in the Flowmizer system goes beyond simply supplying the pumps. “We’ve been delighted with the technical support provided by Wilo. They have helped us to further refine the performance and efficiency of our system.”

Source: WILO SE

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