“Wilo-Stratos PICO” Sets New Standards


Particularly low power consumption with a compact construction and numerous technical innovations – these are the characteristics of the new top model “Wilo-Stratos PICO” high-efficiency pump from German-based WILO SE.

“Wilo-Stratos PICO” Sets New Standards

The “Wilo-Stratos PICO” allows power savings of up to 90% compared to uncontrolled heating pumps. (Image: Wilo)

It was primarily designed as a heating pump for single-family or two-family houses; however, it can also be used in air-conditioning.

The “Wilo-Stratos PICO” allows unprecedented energy efficiency due to a newly developed pump motor with “3-watts technology”. The new model consumes only half as much power as it is required by the currently highest energy-efficiency class A. According to the standard measurement process of Europumps Commitment, TÜV SÜD (Germany’s technical inspection agency) certified a consumption value of only 46.5 kWh/a for a typical single-family house.

“Allowing savings of electricity costs of up to 90% compared to old uncontrolled heating pumps, our new high-efficiency pump is a class of its own”, emphasises Wilo’s Head of Marketing Dirk Geissler. With the power consumption certified by TÜV SÜD it is more efficient than any other pump labelled with the energy-efficiency class A.

Besides a further reduction of power consumption, the development of the new high-efficiency pump focused, above all, on ease of operation and a simplified installation. As a result, a large, clearly arranged front display allows an intuitive menu-driven setting of the pump on the front side and shows, in addition to the operating state, also the current power consumption in watt. “This is an attractive sales argument for the HVAC craft business in order to convince even those customers who are sceptical about power consumption”, Dirk Geissler points out.

Another feature is the automatic ventilation function which prevents performance losses and noises caused by air accumulation in the pump housing. The ventilation redundant is also selected via the menu, the pump automatically evacuates the air from the rotor compartment. The function makes manual ventilation redundant and it can be activated, e. g. after installation or after maintenance work. Once the programme ends, the pump automatically returns into the preset mode.

Furthermore, “Wilo-Stratos PICO” offers clear advantages for the installation. It is equipped with a newly patented “Wilo-Connector” which allows a quick electrical connection of the pump without any tools. The “Wilo-Connector” makes pump replacement much easier because it is compatible with the connection components of most products from other manufacturers. The pump’s compact construction also facilitates flexible installation as it can also be installed in difficult installation situations without any problems. The new high-efficiency pump is available in two different performance ranges with a maximum delivery head of 4 or 6 m and it is available in all standard construction lengths and nominal diameters.

To make marketing of the new “Wilo-Stratos PICO” high-efficiency pump even easier for the HVAC business, the pump expert offers free advertising material in which the particularly low, TÜV certified power consumption of the newest pump generation, are in the focus. The material includes information material for customer consulting, florposts for commercial correspondence and a new edition of the popular power savings calculator designed as a parking disk.

Source: WILO SE

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