Wilo-Salmson Sets New Standard in Providing Instant Hot Water


Wilo-Salmson, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of pumps, has set a new standard with its range of Wilo-Star-Z circulators for secondary hot water. The circulators keep water constantly circulating around a secondary circuit so that when you turn on your hot tap, hot water flows immediately without any frustrating wait.

‘In the past, people sometimes had to let taps or showers run for ages until hot water finally arrived,’ says Gary Wheatley, Technical Manager at Wilo-Salmson. ‘This was an annoying waste of time, not to mention extremely wasteful of water.’

It’s estimated that waiting for hot water wastes as much as 5 litres per household per day in England and Wales alone, which is in excess of 85 million litres per day. Gary Wheatley comments, ‘Wilo-Star-Z circulators help avoid this waste and therefore improve all-round quality of life for the house owner.’

The Wilo-Star-Z series is a range of glandless, screwed-end circulating pumps. They feature an oxide ceramic hollow shaft which is highly resistant to corrosion and offers exceptional life expectancy.

The circulator pumps make surprisingly little noise due to the ceramic shaft and graphite bearings. The single speed motor is non-overloading and offers the option of either left or right hand cable entry.

The Wilo-Star-Z series has just been strengthened by a new option for a digital timer. Incredibly easy to use, the new timer makes it simpler than ever to set the pumps so that they only operate when hot water is likely to be in demand. Additionally, this timer option makes the Wilo-Star-Z an ideal candidate for calorifier de-stratification applications.

Gary Wheatley concludes, ‘It’s a clear trend that more and more homes are being fitted with secondary hot water circulator pumps. Within a few years, we believe that the Wilo-Star-Z will be seen to have set a new standard of comfort and convenience in providing instant hot water.’

For further information, please contact Mark Sowden, Marketing Manager, Wilo Salmson Pumps Ltd, Centrum 100, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 2WJ. Tel. 01283 523000, Fax. 01283 523099. Email. sales@wilo.co.uk or visit the Wilo Salmson web site at :

Source: WILO SE

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