Wilo Meets Time Pressures at Inland Revenue Development


Wilo Salmson Pumps Ltd has won a contract to supply ABB Ltd (Building Systems) with a range of high-quality inline pumps and pressurisation units for an Inland Revenue office development in Newcastle. The prestigious contract was sealed on Wilo's ability to provide a dedicated customer service that would meet the project's tight deadlines.

The project, which consists of a three-storey office block, required 12 inline pumps and two pressurisation units to circulate low-pressure hot water and chilled water throughout the entire building. The specified units include Wilo's twin-headed Wilo-DL and Wilo-DPn glanded pumps, which will ensure that the new development's water systems are reliable and safe. The project also includes two Wilo-Press Micro pressurisation units, which feature easy-to-use LCD displays.

Set to accommodate 600 staff members, the new Inland Revenue office development is being co-ordinated by Lawrence Ashton, ABB's site-based project manager. He explained that Wilo's reputation for quality of service was a significant factor in winning the contract. "We knew Wilo's pumps and pressurisation units would meet the engineering requirements but, more importantly, Wilo was able to provide the best price and an exceptional service."

Block J, as Lawrence calls it, will be commissioned early this year and is part of an ongoing project to upgrade and modernise regional government buildings in the Newcastle area. The new office block utilises two water systems; one for chilled water and one for low-pressure hot water. Each will feature a Wilo-Press Micro unit designed specifically to maintain a pre-determined pressure and cope with any system expansion and contraction.

Like other systems in Wilo's pressurisation unit range, the Wilo-Press Micro features a pressed steel cabinet providing additional noise insulation, a break tank filter to prevent premature failures due to debris entering the units and fully-fused, single-phase pumps. Wilo's micro-processor-controlled pressurisation unit also automatically carries out a weekly pump run to guard against pump seizures and can be commissioned by Wilo to ensure correct installation.

Wilo's dedicated support service has enabled the office block development at Tyne View Park to meet the increasingly tight deadlines that typify modern development projects. "Everything's got to be built so quickly these days, as a result, we usually need equipment yesterday," Lawrence explained.

These time pressures, Lawrence concluded, were an important factor in the commercial and engineering decision to select Wilo as the project's pump and pressurisation unit supplier. "Wilo's local representative has provided us with prompt, technical support which means that when we need a pump quickly, his response and recommendations have always been immediate."

For further information, please contact:

Mark Sowden, Marketing Manager

Wilo Salmson Pumps Ltd

Centrum 100, Burton-on-Trent

Staffordshire, DE14 2WJ

Tel: 01283 523000

Fax: 01283 523099

Email. sales@wilo.co.uk or visit the Wilo Salmson website at Wilo Salmson UK

Source: WILO SE

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