Wilo Cools the Derivatives Market


Euronext.liffe, the European international electronic derivatives exchange, has protected its two main IT servers by specifying Wilo Salmson's Wilo-Stratos twin-headed pumps.

The high-performance glandless circulators deliver cooled water to the company's condensing units, which in turn chill the coils of the four air-handling units used to safeguard each server.

The modern, high-performance pumps form an important part of the overall running of the market based in London. "We totally rely on the pumps to provide the circulation of chilled water", Tony Spall at Euronext.liffe Engineering stated, "This supplies the vital cooling to the units that prevent the servers from overheating"

Euronext.liffe provides the world's most accessible electronic trading platform, LIFFE CONNECT, to customers in over 631 locations in 26 countries. The innovative program enables investors to trade in complex, short-term interest rate products electronically. The continual operation of the company's servers is critical to the high-tech business and relies almost exclusively on Wilo's Wilo-Stratos pumps.

At the heart of these glandless circulators are electronic commutated motors (ECMs) with permanent rotors, a world first from Wilo. This ingenious technology provides outstanding performance and automatically adjusts output to meet changes in a system's requirements. Incorporating a permanent magnet motor that doesn't require energy to generate a magnetic field in the rotor; the pump operates constantly at optimal levels, regardless of demand.

Just as important are the pumps' easy-to-read displays that provide important information about pump performance and system errors. Tony Spall said: "We need to monitor the pumps very carefully as they are a vital part of the air-conditioning system. All relevant pump information is fed back to a command centre, so we know what duties the pumps are performing. We can monitor them 24 hours a day and determine exactly what they're doing at all times."

The twin-headed circulators also have an auto-changeover facility that swaps between pumps on a specified rota and operates both pumps in parallel during peak duty times. Not yet fully installed, the versatile water pumps have a lot to live up to. "If they're anything like the Wilo pumps we've used in the past, they'll be efficient and reliable," said Tony.

The Wilo-Stratos range was launched following years of research into motor efficiency and hydraulics, culminating in the introduction of EMC technology, which maximises energy conservation and minimises pump failures. The Wilo-Stratos range thereby achieves the traditionally illusive goal of balancing motor efficiency and pump reliability.

For further information, please contact Penny Bryan, Quality Manager, Wilo Salmson Pumps Ltd, Centrum 100, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 2WJ. Tel. 01283 523000, Fax. 01283 523099. Email: sales@wilo.co.uk or visit the Wilo Salmson website.

Source: WILO SE

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