Vydas Appointed as Distributor for Ditel


Vydas International Marketing has announced their immediate appointment as distributor for European manufacturer Ditel who are based in Spain.

DITEL, founded in 1984, is now an established specialist authority in Europe, for the manufacture and supply of digital panel meters and controllers in addition to other instrumentation and accessories. With a research and development department, always incorporating the latest technologies, it ensures that products are constantly updated and extremely competitive.

The KOSMOS range of digital panel indicators are now available from Vydas, with applications in the field of industrial process control (pressure, flow, weight, displacement, temperature meters) and electrical process (voltmeters, ammeters, frequency meters), together with slave displays, counters, tachometers, timers, controllers and accessories.

All products manufactured by Ditel are available Ex-stock or very short delivery and carry a comprehensive warranty guarantee against any fault in their manufacture and the materials used during the extended three-year warranty.

This new distribution agreement with Ditel is a significant addition to the Vydas range of sensor and instrumentation products and includes many new and competitive instruments, which are yet to be released.

Vydas is well established as a leading supplier of specialist industrial sensors, transducers and instruments, sourced from international manufacturers, many with unique and innovative product lines. Vydas has earned a reputation for providing independent advice, the very best quality of product, professional service, and technical support to provide application solutions and meet the demands of its customers.

The Ditel KOSMOS SERIES brings a new philosophy in digital panel meter instrumentation with a multipurpose, modular-concept design, providing a rich array of basic functions and advanced capabilities. With a fully modular design, it is possible to satisfy a wide variety of applications by only adding the appropriate plug in module options. Ditel's built in firmware intelligence allows the meter to automatically recognize which options are installed and to configure the instrument programming functions correctly within desired specifications. The basic instrument without installed output options, omits these functions in the program routines. The instrument calibration is set up at the factory eliminating the need for any field adjustment potentiometers. Any circuit or option which needs to be adjusted incorporates a memory function where calibration parameters are stored, making it possible for the optional cards to be totally interchangeable without the need for any subsequent adjustment. Custom configuration for specific applications can be made quickly and easily through five front panel push button keys, following a structured menu, aided by display prompts at each programming step.

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