Vogelsang Introduces New Pump System


For the first time, Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau GmbH presents the newly developed RoadPump Plus.

Vogelsang Introduces New Pump System

The PumpPlug is used to connect the bus toilet tank and the suction station with a hose. The combination of PumpPlug and RoadPump Plus makes the disposal procedure clean and hygienic (Image: Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau GmbH)

With new products, Vogelsang tackles the problems concerning the emptying of bus toilet tanks. There is still a lack of wide-ranging waste disposal stations for the high number of long-distance and intercity bus journeys in Germany. "With the RoadPump Plus, operators of gas stations, truck stops or rest areas are finally able to provide the intercity bus companies with an easy-to-use, clean and environmentally friendly solution for waste water disposal," says Harald Vogelsang, managing director of Vogelsang. In order to meet special customer requirements, development of the RoadPump Plus was carried out in close coordination with the Rosenow truck stop in Kiel.

Sturdy and insensitive to foreign matter

At its core, the RoadPump Plus consists of a Vogelsang VX series rotary lobe pump, which is particularly compact and sturdy. The pump is insensitive to foreign matter. Toilet paper, pieces of fabric and other contamination that is commonly present in wastewater does not impair the rotary lobe pump’s operation. Waste water containing disruptive matter can either be extracted directly without clogging via a suction coupling or can be drained conventionally and collected using the integrated collecting trolley, CollectingMax. It is then pumped into the sewer system or a collection tank and then transported to the sewage treatment plant.

The tank can be emptied quickly and cleanly with no fear of contamination or lingering odors. Fresh water for toilet flushing and drinking water for hand washing, coffee, and catering services are supplied via two separate hose reels.

Quick and easy disposal

The RoadPump Plus also offers the possibility of integrating various payment and release systems, thus adapting to the respective requirements of the operator. Bus drivers benefit from the simple operation and the compact design of the RoadPump Plus. Similar to a fuel dispenser, the pump system can, for example, be placed next to the diesel dispenser; the bus can be quickly supplied with fuel, and the wastewater tank can be emptied.

PumpPlug: Industry standard for wastewater disposal

A further novelty of Vogelsang is the PumpPlug, a patented suction nozzle for waste-holding tanks in the bus. This coupling is used to connect the bus toilet tank and the suction station with a hose. The combination of PumpPlug and RoadPump Plus makes this procedure clean and hygienic. As Harald Vogelsang says, "Our goal with the invention of the PumpPlug suction nozzle is to establish an industry standard for the disposal connections of intercity buses and to hereby simplify wastewater disposal in the intercity bus segment."

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