Turbo Pumping Station Now Available With Dry ACP Backing Pump


Backing pumps of adixen are now being used in complete solutions from Pfeiffer Vacuum. The established HiCube Pro turbo pumping station is currently available with a dry, multi-stage ACP roots pump from the adixen range.

Turbo Pumping Station Now Available With Dry ACP Backing Pump

The well-established HiCube Pro turbo pumping station, is now available with a dry ACP backing pump. (Image: Pfeiffer Vacuum)

This common vacuum solution reflects the success of the product merger of Pfeiffer Vacuum and adixen and demonstrates the excellent cooperation between the development departments in Germany and France.

The multi-stage ACP roots pump is the dry alternative to the conventional rotary vane pump. As the ACP does not include gaskets between rotor and stator and the rotors run without contact, no gasket wear results in the pumping system as it does with other dry pumps. Therefore, this pump is suitable for all vacuum applications for which maximum cleanliness is required. In normal use, the maintenance intervals are up to four years apart.

The HiCube Pro pumping station s special characteristic is its modular concept. It allows numerous combinations of backing and turbopumps to be tailored for every application. Therefore, the HiCube Pro is suitable for all high vacuum applications in research and development, particle accelerators and analysis and surface physics. In addition to the version with a dry, multi-stage ACP roots pump, it is also available with an oilsealed PentaLine rotary vane pump.

adixen backing pumps, however, have earned an excellent reputation on the market for decades due to their robust construction and reliability. For Pfeiffer Vacuum the first-class positioning for dry pumps was one of the main reasons for the acquisition at the beginning of this year.

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