Torishima Receives Order for Pumps for Power Plant Owned by Pemex


Torishima received an order for high pressure feed water pumps and low pressure feed water pumps for the Pemex Cogeneration Power Plant in Mexico from Abencor in Spain.

Abencor is a part of the Abengoa group in Spain and is in charge of supplying the main equipment used in the power generation plants, seawater desalination plants, and water transfer plants constructed by the Abengoa group. Abencor recognizes Torishima as a strategic partner. We have supplied high-efficiency high-quality pumps for seawater desalination plants and photovoltaic power plants all over the world.

This project will increase the power output of a power plant owned by the world s most advanced government-owned petroleum company, Mexico s Pemex (Petroleos Mexicanos) near Villahermosa, a petroleum town in the state of Tabasco, from its present 300 MW to 480 MW.

Because the oil industry accounts for one third of the national income, Mexico is working on reforming the oil industry as a national project. Under these circumstances, Pemex has assumed increasing roles and responsibility and plans enhancement, efficiency improvement, and strengthening of maintenance of existing power generation facilities, exemplified by this project. Torishima aims to use this project as a springboard to further develop future relations with Pemex from the field of high-tech pump services, which is our core business, and the field of energy recovery.

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