Sulzer: Nine Years Without a Lost Time Incident


Despite the challenges of working in the offshore environment, Sulzer Wood has recently recorded nine years without a lost time incident, which equates to approximately 1.5 million man hours. This milestone has been achieved through a combined effort, where everyone contributes to the safety culture.

Sulzer: Nine Years Without a Lost Time Incident

Each project is assessed to ensure safe working practices are employed at all times. (Image: Sulzer)

Based in Aberdeen, Sulzer Wood delivers a comprehensive range of pump services, primarily to the offshore industry. Employee safety is of the highest importance and it can only be achieved if everyone takes ownership of the process and understands the benefits.

Stuart MacVicar, HSEQ Manager at Sulzer Wood, explains: “Our health and safety procedures are constantly reviewed to ensure that we manage all the risks in our day-to-day business as effectively as possible. From the latest apprentice to top management, everyone contributes to maintain our impressive safety record.”

The service center repairs and maintains pumps in the workshop as well as sending engineers to offshore locations to assist customers with the removal and installation of pumping assets. The offshore environment can be harsh and all those working on platforms and vessels need to be properly trained and aware of the risks.

Stuart continues: “Over the years, we have built up a culture of safe working practices, and this is supported by a comprehensive induction system for new employees and a competency management system that monitors progress. Together with on-going training and regular team briefings, we ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities.”

The projects coming into the workshop always bring new challenges, but Sulzer’s experts apply proven processes to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Implementing risk assessments and lift plans on a daily basis, along with regular, independent audits, promotes the continued safety of staff throughout the organization.

Every day staff in the workshop take ownership of their own safety as well as that of others around them. This approach is instilled in both new starters and apprentices and everyone is encouraged to make suggestions for improvements.

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