Sulzer Launches New Pump Range for Pulp and Paper Industry


Sulzer Pumps launches their new five-star AHLSTARUP stock and process pump range for the pulp and paper industry. This energy and sealing water saving range is developed for the lower consistency range of 0 to 8 % in the companies Stock Pumping Concept.

It is the newest member of the Sulzer Stock Pumping Concept (0 – 18 % stock consistency). The Pumping Concept, with Semi-MC™ and MC® pumping systems for consistencies ranging from 6 to 18 % was launched in the PulPaper exhibition in 2004 in Helsinki.

In addition to those already mentioned, the following innovative concepts have been developed to ensure optimal pumping performance:

  • Sulzer EnerSave™ Impeller
  • Sulzer WaterLess™ Shaft Seal Concept
  • Sulzer SelfPrime & Degas™ Concept
  • Sulzer Bearing Unit Concept
  • Sulzer Environmental Concept

Sulzer EnerSave™ Impeller

The new AHLSTARUP A pumps deliver continuous high efficiency over a wide performance range with savings of up to 10 % in energy consumption possible. The pumps have an excellent suction capability. A strong, rigid design and smooth hydraulic passages deliver reduced wear and longer working life.

Sulzer WaterLess™ Shaft Seal Concept

The most common shaft seals in the pulp and paper industry, the Sulzer dynamic seal and single mechanical seal already save water, as these Sulzer seals do not need external sealing flush at all.

In certain applications however double mechanical seals are needed and these utilize external sealing water. The new and innovative sealing water control system for double mechanical seals saves over 90 percent of the sealing water required by conventional designs. This milestone development within the Sulzer Pumps WaterLess™ Shaft Seal Concept for mechanical seals was created with the cooperation of John Crane Safematic.


Gas, in most cases air, is inevitably present in liquids being pumped and is a constant cause of pumping instability. Pumps with an internal or external vacuum pump within the Sulzer Selfprime & Degas™ Concept will reliably and economically overcome performance issues associated with entrained gasses. The gas removal pump eliminates fluctuations in pressure and flow to deliver stable operation. The AHLSTARUP pump fitted with an internal vacuum pump provides a self-priming capability. Compared with vertical mounted pumps it features easy maintenance because of its dry mounted horizontal design.

Sulzer Bearing Unit Concept provides a sturdy and reliable bearing unit that offers longer working life amongst numerous other benefits.

Sulzer Environmental Concept

The savings from using AHLSTARUP pumps can be measured in more than just money; a cleaner environment will result from their installation.

Sulzer Pumps is a full line supplier delivering industry-leading solutions for pumping and mixing applications in the pulp and paper industry.

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