Small But Nice – Water Sampling Station EASYPOOL SMART 02


The specific use of disinfectants in the treatment of swimming water in private swimming pools guarantees a high and enjoyable quality of water.

Small But Nice – Water Sampling Station EASYPOOL SMART 02

Water Sampling Station EASYPOOL SMART 02 (Lutz-Jesco, Germany).

The water measuring panel EASYPOOL SMART 02 is a reliable partner for the exact dosage of these disinfectants. It features a compact and high quality construction, in addition, all of the equipment necessary for the measuring and control are installed on and/or in the panel. As opposed to the customary water measuring panels the drillings for water flow and sensor mounting are inside the panel.

Thanks to the two channel controller TOPAX DX SMART, the water measuring panel is very easy to operate. Aside from an amperometric chlorine measuring cell there are two other sensors available: a pH and redox electrode. A temperature sensor and a conductivity probe are also available as an option.

When the water flow is too low an integrated flow monitor switches the dosing off. Two peristaltic pumps integrated in the measuring panel dose the chemicals for disinfection and correct the pH value. It is possible to control an additional pump for the dosage of flocculants.

The measuring water panel is available in many model variants. Included in the scope of delivery, aside from the pre-assembled wall panel, are parts for wall mounting, the TOPAX DX SMART controller, sensors, peristaltic pumps with suction line, pressure hose and injection nozzles, buffer solutions and a PE hose for the sample water line.

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