Single Moyno Muncher Chosen to Replace Existing Grinders


A single Moyno TR Muncher has been selected to do the work previously done by three grinder units which were struggling to deliver the required performance and maintenance levels at a large waste water treatment plant in Rhode Island, New England.

Single Moyno Muncher Chosen to Replace Existing Grinders

Moyno TR Muncher®

The single Moyno CA203 TR Muncher installed in the Field Point plant’s Gravity Thickening Building incorporates Moyno’s unique EZstrip design, which allows the unit to be maintained in place, without the need to remove it from the process. It is already delivering many benefits, including increased efficiency, simpler operating procedures and reduced maintenance requirements. “It has certainly simplified the operations at the plant,” says Bob Mack, of New England Environmental Equipment, who installed the Muncher. “Having only one grinder and being able to repair it in-house, rather than shipping it offsite, reduces the maintenance time and helps keep the plant up and running.”

The Field Point plant processes up to 150 million gallons of waste water per day in dry weather, and more during rainy periods, so any equipment installed there must offer outstanding levels of reliability and performance. Designed specifically for the efficient maceration of abrasive sludges, the Moyno Muncher is a twin shaft, slow speed, high torque grinder that macerates the solids within a flow, and has been used successfully in a wide variety of installation types over the past 25 years.

The twin shafts feature a series of interleaving cutters and spacers which create a positive displacement grinding action, with the differential cutter speeds pulling apart any fibrous material, cropping and shearing plastic items into small pieces and crushing any brittle material. A cantilever shaft design removes the need for bottom bearings and seals and so significantly reduces the number of wearing components, while the layback design of the cutter shafts allows them to be removed without disturbing the pipeline.

A patented built-in trash trap set below the cutter stacks catches any rejected material and prevents damage to the cutters, while clean-out ports allow the rejected object to be removed easily. Ideal for pipeline or channel installations, the Muncher can be used for a wide variety of pump protection and other industrial duties. Optional high-flow side rails are available to help increase performance in higher capacity applications such as Field Point.

Source: Moyno

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