SERO Is Further Expanding Its Service Network

As the exclusive service provider, Burckhardt Compression, will take over all service activities for SHP pumps from SERO PumpSystems in the marine sector. The SHP pumps are used on LPG tankers with dual fuel engines.

Burckhardt Compression has already established a corresponding service infrastructure for its gas compressors in the marine sector with a worldwide network of more than 300 field service staff and representatives in more than 80 countries. Burckhardt Compression's marine team is therefore very familiar with the special requirements in this field.

Marcel Pawlicek, CEO Burckhardt Compression: "The service cooperation with SERO PumpSystems allows us to further expand our service activities in the dual fuel marine sector. Working in the marine environment poses not only technical but also operational challenges. Burckhardt Compression has many years of experience in this field as well as a very flexible and competent marine team."

Beate Zientek-Strietz, Managing Director SERO PumpSystems: "With this cooperation we can focus on our core business, the construction of technologically outstanding pumps, and have found in Burckhardt Compression a strong partner for our service business."

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