Sales of Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals in U.S. Will Exceed $160 Million in 2015


Worldwide sales of gas turbine power plants are increasing steadily. The growth rate is highest in the U.S. Capacity is expected to grow from the present 300,000 MW to over 500,000 MW in 2040. The suppliers of treatment chemicals will achieve sales of $160 million in this sector in 2015. This is the conclusion reached by the McIlvaine Company in Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals: World Market.

Sales of Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals in U.S. Will Exceed $160 Million in 2015

McIlvaine Company

East Asia will enjoy much higher sales of treatment chemicals in the total power market. However, sales for the gas turbine segment will be smaller.

There are a number of processes in a gas turbine combined cycle power plant which require treatment chemicals:

  • Intake water
  • Boiler feedwater
  • Cooling tower recycle
  • Fogging nozzle stream
  • Wastewater from the cooling tower and balance of plant
  • Steam cycle and HRSG system
  • Ammonia injection for NOx control
  • Zero liquid discharge
  • Gas turbine operation and protection
  • Compressor fouling and washing

The requirements differ from plant to plant. Some plants in the U.S. are opting for dry cooling. This eliminates one use of chemicals. Other plants are opting to use treated municipal wastewater for cooling. This increases chemical use. Those plants opting for zero liquid discharge use more chemicals.

The big difference is whether the plant is a simple or combined cycle operation. The simple cycle plants do not generate steam, but still require water treatment for fogging nozzles and compressor washing.

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