Rockwell Automation Boosts Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 Drives


Rockwell Automation has extended the ratings of its Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 AC drives to 1500 kW/2,000 Hp, completing the power range of the PowerFlex 750-Series portfolio and providing customers with a wide selection of options and features.

Rockwell Automation Boosts Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 Drives

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 AC drives (Image: Rockwell Automation)

The high-power drive builds on the application flexibility and common user experience of the PowerFlex 750-Series, giving heavy industries a new option for advanced power control.

The PowerFlex 755 drive is well suited for a wide variety of applications ranging from simple variable speed and variable torque control to the most demanding systems requiring constant torque control. Target applications include fans, pumps, mixers, compressors, conveyors and extruders, as well as applications for the oil and gas, tire and rubber, refining, metals and mining industries.

“We designed the PowerFlex 755 drives with ease-of-use in mind, and expanded its power range to deliver this user experience to a wider range of applications,” said John Cherney, global product manager, Rockwell Automation. “Whether an application demands one or 2,000 horsepower, the way users interface with any PowerFlex 755 frame is nearly identical. This commonality helps to simplify operation, from configuration and integration to maintenance and troubleshooting.”

The latest frame extension delivers the enhanced control capabilities of earlier high-power models, including features, such as 400/480/600/690 volt ratings and N-1 technology. With N-1 technology, users can configure the PowerFlex 755 high-power drive to utilize one, two or all three of its power structures. This gives the redundancy and advanced control needed to effectively manage load changes, protect equipment, and keep the drive up and running in the event of a power failure. The common DC-bus option allows users to connect the PowerFlex 755 AC drive to a DC-bus configuration, which takes advantage of different drive cycles to share energy. Using a common DC-bus system helps increase system performance and reduce loss – ultimately improving the application’s energy efficiency.

Like all PowerFlex 755 drives, the latest frame size includes an embedded Ethernet port and multiple option slots, so users can tailor the drive to their application. Option modules include I/O, feedback, safety, additional communications and auxiliary power supply. In addition, a convenient rollout design allows easy access to the drives for fast installation and maintenance. The drive’s converter and control pod can remain in the unit while the inverter is rolled out, so control wiring can remain intact. The drive is suitable for standalone applications, and features a real-time clock that provides data-logging and enhanced diagnostics.

The power-range extension is one of several enhancements to the PowerFlex 755 drive designed to provide application flexibility. Additional features and benefits available include the following floor-mount drives and dual-port EtherNet/IP option module.

PowerFlex 755 Floor-Mount Drives IP54/UL Type 12 Ratings – For applications requiring additional protection from harsh environments, the PowerFlex 755 floor-mount drives are available with IP54/UL Type 12 enclosures. These enclosures help protect the drive from dust and splashing water, and are appropriate for moderately harsh indoor environments.

PowerFlex 755 Floor-Mount Drives with IP00, NEMA/UL Open-Type Ratings – The open-type drives are designed to provide packaging flexibility, including the option for either vertical or horizontal mounting orientations. This option provides machine builders, system integrators and packagers with the ability to customize the drives by adding specialized content and using the drive packaging of their choice. The drive is available as a series of modules along with user-selected kits.

PowerFlex 750-Series Dual-Port EtherNet/IP Option Module – This new option module for the PowerFlex 753 and PowerFlex 755 drives provides flexible, cost-effective ways to apply EtherNet/IP and supports all three industry-standard Ethernet topologies: star, linear and ring, as well as device-level ring (DLR) functionality.

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