Quotation Software on the Advance


VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE, leading provider of software for pump selection and configuration as well as for the preparation of quotations is further improving its leading market position. The company in the second half year recorded a clear increase of the demand particularly in Europe. Incoming orders came both from large pump suppliers and from smaller manufacturers of special pumps.

“With the new orders from several European pump manufacturers we have managed to further improve our leading position in the market despite the increasing competition”, explains Jens-Uwe Vogel, managing director of the company. So with VOGEL PUMPEN the second company of the ITT group has decided for software solutions from VSX.

“Due to the currently difficult economic situation more and more companies think about opportunities to optimize their internal business operations and to lower costs therefore”, Vogel analyses the present order boom. The Spaix PumpSelector as a comprehensive solution for the selection and configuration of centrifugal pumps including the preparation of complete quotation documents leads to considerable time savings.

The customers from the pump industry follow up essentially two aims with the introduction of the software. One objective is to streamline internal business processes when preparing quotations. On the other hand aspects of marketing and customer support are supposed to be considered, too. The product line of VSX offers the optimal solution for the two aim positions both in the areas of Windows and Internet applications.

The flexible license model allows a gradual introduction of the system and offers also smaller and medium-sized companies software solutions with moderate costs.


VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE is the worldwide leading provider of pump selection software.

The product range covers PC and Internet applications with extensive functions for the selection and configuration of pumps and accessories as well as for following business processes and adjacent topics. Furthermore the company provides full after sales service. The division Internet Services operates the web sites impeller.net/spaix.net and besides offers the complete integration of the Internet-enabled pump selection software SPAIX Online into the existing home page of pump manufacturers.

The software and Internet company founded in 1993 with headquarter in Dresden, Germany maintains worldwide business relations with companies of the pump industry. The world’s largest pump manufacturers are customers of VSX.

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