Pumps for the World’s Most Modern Coal-Fired Power Plant


KSB, Frankenthal, Germany, has been awarded contracts by two Chinese power plant constructors to supply four new-generation boiler recirculation pumps. The orders were received in July and September 2013. The pump sets are destined for the two new Chinese power stations: Laiwu in the province of Shandong and Taizhou in the province of Zhejiang.

Pumps for the World’s Most Modern Coal-Fired Power Plant

Boiler recirculation pumps from the LUVAk series, similar to the ones which will be used in the new Chinese power plants in Laiwu and Taizhou. (Image: KSB, Frankenthal)

These power stations are being designed to use twice-heated boiler technology, the only technology of its kind in the world which is capable of handling the highest temperature and pressure requirements for power plant boilers. The boiler recirculation pumps from the LUVAk series are designed for a pressure of 400 bar and an operating temperature of 425 °C. The pumps are driven by high-voltage motors with supply voltages of 6,000 volts and 10,000 volts and a drive rating of around 800 kW.

For the German pump manufacturer KSB, the development of the new pump sets marks a technical milestone and provides two key reference projects. The pump sets are scheduled for delivery in November 2014 (Laiwu) and February 2015 (Taizhou).

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