Pumps for Bitumen Production in Russia


Colfax Fluid Handling delivered a package of 21 Allweiler screw and centrifugal pumps for a bitumen production facility in Russia. The pumps are an important part of the plant, which is located in Novoshakhtinsk (Rostov region) and produces bitumen according to the "Biturox" process from Vienna-based Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH.

Pumps for Bitumen Production in Russia

Thirteen Allweiler screw pumps of the SNH series, heated with superheated steam, pump bitumen in the Novoshakhtinsk refinery in Russia. (Image: Allweiler)

The thirteen Allweiler screw pumps of the SNH series and eight centrifugal pumps of the CNH-B, CTWH, and NTWH series will go into service in early 2013. As the licensor of the "Biturox" process, the plant engineer is the international market leader for project management and delivery of plants of this type. The facilities use primarily Allweiler three-screw pumps. According to Stefan Kleinmann, Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development at Allweiler: "With this project we have once again demonstrated our high level of technical competence and provided the customer with a unified package of pumps that work optimally together. As a result, the operator will be using pumps with extremely low total operating costs."

The pumps provided by Allweiler will move bitumen, residue products, water, and heat transfer oils. Pumps used in high-temperature applications above 150°C will utilize double-jacket casings for heating with superheated steam. These pumps permit stable operation up to a pumping temperature of 270°C. They are also insensitive to dirt, very efficient, and ensure high uptime. Hard coating of the screws and special surface treatment of inner walls extend the service life of the pumps. All technical documentation, drawings, and operating and maintenance instructions were provided to the customer in Russian.

Allweiler has been delivering solutions for bitumen/asphalt production for more than 25 years. Through collaboration with sales partner A. Rada GmbH, Allweiler was able to quickly fulfill the operator s custom requirements.

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