Pump Solid the Size of Tennis Balls


Grindex Sludge pumps are suitable for pumping water with solids, as well as for pumping sludge. The solids can be up to the size of the pump inlet diameter (normally 32-80 mm).

Pump Solid the Size of Tennis Balls

Grindex Sludge pumps (Image: Euroflo)

The Grindex Sludge pumps are of lightweight aluminium construction while at the same time benefiting from a very hard chrome alloy white cast iron impellers. They come with polyurethane liners to provide maximum protection in very arduous construction applications. Grindex sludge pumps are equipped with vortex impellers, which enables the sludge pumps to handle large diameter solids some as big as tennis ball and they can do this without clogging.

Add to that the ability to run dry and operate on ‘snore’ at very low water levels, then you have the ideal pump for sewage over-pumping jobs where access is restricted and the use of float switches impractical.

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