PSC – Precision System Components from KMT Waterjet


KMT Waterjet has extended its product range of installation material for fluid pipelines and supply equipment.

PSC – Precision System Components from KMT Waterjet

The new catalogue for installation material is available from July 2008.

The sturdy and reliable products are suitable for a wide range of applications at pressures from 690 to 4550 bar. They facilitate for example the low-pressure supply of gas and oil, the supply of water for cleaning purposes at medium pressure and high-pressure waterjet cutting applications. The key features of sturdy design, high availability and reliability were laid down as mandatory criteria for the product series. The new PCS – Precision System Components range was developed in response to demands from KMT customers and based on the many years of experience of KMT waterjet in ultra high pressure applications.

Original PSC components for any application

KMT Waterjet is committed to providing durable solutions for fluid supply that can be operated at maximum effectiveness. For this reason, KMT uses state-of-the art technologies in the production of installation material for a wide range of applications. The original precision system components have been specifically designed for use under extreme conditions and are also suitable for retrofitting into existing units. All parts are designed according to the latest standards, made from high-quality material and manufactured on modern production lines.

Advantages of original PSC components from KMT

  • Many KMT parts are available in stock and can thus be shipped without delay
  • KMT spare parts are of the same reliable quality as the original parts and offer a perfect fit
  • Fast dispatch on the day of ordering or 24-hour delivery for emergencies
  • Global sales and service network

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