Primozone Is Awarded Large Scale Municipal Drinking Water Project Worth 3 Million Euro


The Swedish ozone generator supplier Primozone has won the public tender to supply the ozone installation for the expansion of the Langevatn drinking water treatment plant outside Stavanger, Norway.

Primozone Is Awarded Large Scale Municipal Drinking Water Project Worth 3 Million Euro

Photo: IVAR

The installation, worth approximately 3 million Euros, is a very prestigious project and thus a recognition of Primozone as one of the important ozone technology providers in the world.

“This is a genuine breakthrough for us”, says Anders Schening, CEO at Primozone. “Winning the public tender for a large scale prestigious project like this is a true recognition. It proves that our technology has a place on the market and that we, although we are a small company, can challenge the established player thanks to our innovative technology and new way of implementing ozone solutions”.

Primozone was invited to bid for the public tender in competition with the largest ozone technology manufacturers on the market. The evaluation criteria for the public tender focused on cost and especially on total cost of ownership for the installation; criteria which fit well with the features of the Primozone ozone technology.

“When looking at operational costs our ozone generators have a clear advantage because of their low energy consumption”, says Mr Schening." With our technology the energy consumption can be more than halved".

The designed ozone volume is 960 kg/day.

Langevatn drinking water treatment plant is expanded due to increased population and a wish to remove color, taste and odor in the water. This is done by adding ozone and biofiltation as treatment steps. These will also serve as an extra barrier, i.e an extra added treatment step that will prevent bacteria and other pathogens from entering the drinking water.

Ozone is an environmentally friendly water treatment technology that has been used for more than 100 years. Ozone is very oxidative and powerful gas that is used for disinfection, conditioning and reduction of hard to remove substances like pharmaceutical residue. Traditionally ozone generation has been associated with being a complicated technology with high maintenance and high energy consumption. Primozone is redefining the ozone technology standard by providing energy efficient ozone generators that are easy to operate and also produces ozone with a very high ozone concentration. The high ozone concentration enables for energy saving throughout the entire ozone water treatment system.

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