Pressure Sensor Provides Failsafe Protection


A non-intrusive pressure sensor which protects pumps from both dry-running conditions and high-pressure situations, has been introduced by progressing cavity pump specialists ROBBINS & MYERS.

The RM pressure sensor is designed to be fitted at the pump outlet which is regarded as the most effective way of preventing dry running, as opposed to other traditional ‘presence / absence’ detectors, stator temperature probes and other intrusive devices.

Whilst progressing cavity pumps are acknowledged as one of the most versatile pump designs available, providing benefits such as; ability to handle abrasive fluids with minimum wear, precisely meter viscous liquids and gently transfer shear sensitive products, their major limitation (as it is for most pump types) is the threat of dry-running. However, the RM pressure sensor is an effective way for users to protect their positive displacement pumps or other process equipment subjected to running-dry conditions or high / low pressures.

The sensor consists of three basic components; sensor, pressure switch and control box. The sensor fits between two standard ANSI pipe flanges, allowing complete fluid flow without obstruction. Pressure detection over the entire pipe circumference ensures that coating, settled material, or bridging does not affect pressure readings.

As an added feature, a liquid filled gauge allows visual monitoring of pressure conditions within the pumping system.

Source: NOV, Inc.

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