Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces New HiPace 30 Turbopump


It is currently the only turbopump on the market in its size class offering pumping speeds of 32 liters per second. Its small installation footprint and low level of vibration make this pump particularly suitable for integration into compact analytical systems such as benchtop mass spectrometers, small electron microscopes and leak detectors.

Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces New HiPace 30 Turbopump

HiPace 30 (Image: Pfeiffer Vacuum)

Furthermore, weighing as little as 2 kilograms overall makes the HiPace 30 ideal for mobile applications.

The HiPace 30 is designed with a so-called hybrid bearing. This combination of ceramic ball bearings on the backing vacuum side and permanently magnetic radial bearings on the high vacuum side makes for a particularly sturdy bearing design. The pumps therefore have a long life cycle with a maintenance interval of approximately 4 years.

The sophisticated rotor design of the HiPace 30 achieves high gas throughputs and a very good compression of light gases. This ensures the low residual gas background that is desirable for mass spectrometry applications.

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