Ozone Generators for Water Treatment Ready for Global Launch


Primozone announced the launch of a series of newly developed ozone generators.

Ozone Generators for Water Treatment Ready for Global Launch


Water treatment with ozone is highly effective and harmless to the environment, as opposed to treatment with chemicals like chlorine. The new ozone generators manufactured by Primozone are based on a patented new method to generate ozone in high concentrations, resulting in more efficient water treatment and also much lower energy consumption.

Primozone s new range of patented ozone generators produces between 100 and 900 grams of ozone per hour, with an ozone concentration of up to or more than 300 g 03/Nm³O2, or 20 per cent by weight. The high ozone concentration results in greatly improved efficiency in dissolving the ozone gas in the water, and a sharply reduced oxygen and energy consumption - with Primozone s new products using up to 70 per cent less energy.

In addition to being very efficient and energy efficient, Primozone s new product range of ozone generators are highly reliable, compact in size, easy to install and maintain, and with a built-in flexible modern monitoring and control system.

Ozone is a naturally produced gas, essentially made up by oxygen. Oxidation by ozone is by far the most effective water treatment process. It kills microorganisms and cleans, treats, and disinfects water. It can also be used to control the taste, odor and colour of water. Ozone produced by ozone generators is harmless to the environment, as opposed to chemicals like chlorine. Primozone s solution is based on a patented new way to generate ozone in high concentrations through a very efficient cold plasma process.

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