New Rainwater Harvesting System Added to Product Range


At this year’s sanitation, heating and air-conditioning trade fairs SHK in Essen and IFH in Nuremberg, KSB (Germany), will for the first time be presenting its new rainwater harvesting system.

New Rainwater Harvesting System Added to Product Range

Eco-Rain allows rainwater utilisation even in confined spaces (KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal).

The Eco-Rain system featuring a straightforward and clear design will complement the current product range. The unit comes ready to be plugged in and includes all accessories required for installation when delivered.

The plug-in unit’s compact design facilitates rainwater utilisation for toilets or washing machines even where space is limited like in small terraced or single-family houses. On-site investments by the owner are not required.

The straightforward, maintenance-free rainwater harvesting system boasts the same control system as the tried and tested premium Hya-Rain type series. Thanks to its more simple configuration, Eco-Rain will, however, be offered at a better price. The unit can be combined both with underground reservoirs and storage tanks installed in the basement. If the rainwater storage tank is empty after extended dry spells, the control system will automatically activate the mains water back-up system.

Manual changeover to mains water mode is also possible at any time. The pump’s hydraulic end projects into the unit’s 15-litre tank. This dampens vibrations produced by the unit and keeps noise levels down.

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