New Pressure Booster System


At the beginning of April 2014, KSB, Germany, will showcase a new package pressure booster system. The Hya-Solo EV type series, a fully automatic single-pump unit.

New Pressure Booster System

The new, fully automatic single-pump package pressure booster system Hya-Solo EV (Image: KSB, Frankenthal)

Its maximum flow rate is 6 cubic metres per hour, at a head of up to 53 metres. The system is controlled by a motor-mounted frequency inverter. It switches on the pump when the pressure drops and ensures a constant pressure through continuous speed control. The system is switched off again once a defined setpoint is exceeded. Demand-driven and energy-efficient operation is thus ensured.

The high-pressure pump used features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel hydraulic system and a discharge chamber designed to keep entrapped air away from the mechanical seal. This prevents dry running and increases the pump’s service life.

The pump is driven by a single-phase 230 V AC motor with a rating of 0.55 or 1.1 kW, depending on the pump size. A single-phase frequency inverter ensures that the system’s discharge pressure is kept constant and that only as much current as is needed is used. An integrated dry running protection will trip the pump set in case of lack of water, thereby providing the required operating reliability.

The system’s design, which is compact and attractive, allows space-saving floor mounting. Thanks to the 1.5 m power cable with shockproof plug, even non-specialists can effect the electrical connection.

The fields of application for this new unit are water supply for residential and office buildings, agricultural irrigation/spray irrigation, rainwater harvesting and service water supply systems for industrial usage.

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