New Lovejoy Heavy-Duty Tensioner


Count the benefits of a smooth operation. The best benefit could be freedom from worrying about how to operate your plant while key motors sit in the shop for repairs. The new Lovejoy® ROSTA® Heavy Duty (HD) Tensioner, designed for multi-groove V-belt drives, makes that worry a thing of the past.

The Lovejoy ROSTA HD Tensioner self-adjusts to correct for V-belt slippage and stretching, to maintain a steady tension. This not only increases belt life, it also reduces maintenance costs and extends motor life. By maintaining an even tension on the belt, this part ensures a smooth current or amperage draw on the motor. In addition, it takes the guesswork out of manually tensioning the belts. When belts are manually maintained, it is more common to err on the side of caution, making the belts too tight. This destroys output bearings on the electric motors. These bearings cannot be replaced on site, and the motor must be removed and sent out for repairs.

The HD Tensioner provides a way for plant maintenance supervisors to remove this from their list of worries and create a smooth, continuous, profitable operation. Each all-steel Lovejoy ROSTA HD Tensioner is built to customer specifications. With the belt drive parameters, layout, drive data and space requirements, Lovejoy engineers size the part accordingly to fit anywhere from six to 14 grooves on a B to D section belt, or a range from a five-V to eight-V belt size.

The tensioner automatically adjusts itself depending on belt stretch. New belts will stretch anywhere from 3% to 5%. Within each component, the key to the self-tensioning capability is the special ROSTA® elastomeric element, which isolates the tension arm while providing continuous resistance to rotary forces. The tough elastomeric elements are specifically designed to absorb shock loads and withstand the rigors in especially heavy duty processing operations such as aggregate, power, and bulk food handling.

The power industry provides a perfect example of an ideal situation for a Lovejoy® ROSTA® HD Tensioner in the form of the blowers in a coal fed plant. Each blower has its' own drive. In aggregate and mining, a perfect application for the HD Tensioner would be a crusher, the typically would have two motors that must run in sync with each other and rely on a V-belt to keep an even current flow.

The Lovejoy ROSTA HD Tensioner is easy to install, requires no lubrication and no maintenance and has a projected lifespan in heavy-duty applications of at least ten years.

The Lovejoy Lovejoy ROSTA HD Tensioner can be installed in almost any industry that has a 200 hp motor drive or greater, such as crushers in the aggregate industry or a larger, belt-driven slurry pump. Smaller versions of the tensioner are available for other industrial applications.

The Lovejoy ROSTA Heavy-Duty Tensioner is only one of the many solution-engineered products from Lovejoy. Founded in 1900, Lovejoy enjoys an international reputation as the leading company specializing in flexible coupling design and development. Lovejoy products are available worldwide through distributors in North America and 55 other countries, supported by Lovejoy offices and support staff in Canada, Europe and the USA.

Lovejoy, Inc. is certified under the ISO-9001:2000 International Standards for Quality Management. For more information, visit Lovejoy's Web site.

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