New H-Series of Sanitary Pumps from Flotronic Pumps


A brand new ‘H’ series of sanitary pumps from Flotronic Pumps sees the company well-placed to supply sanitary pumps to companies insisting on 3-A authorized equipment, as well as increasing confidence for any user in the Hygienic market.

Displaying the 3-A symbol signifies that processing equipment meets certain material, design and manufacturing standards. ‘While 3-A is not a statutory requirement, it is a standard increasingly required by the sanitary industry, particularly in the United States,’ says Flotronic’s Managing Director, Jane Waite. ‘Being authorized to display the 3-A symbol ensures credibility of the new ‘H’ series, at home and abroad.’

Authorisation to display the 3-A symbol is not won easily. The ‘H’ series has been subjected to an extremely rigorous evaluation process by a 3-A Certified Conformance Evaluator. He has assessed

the ‘H’ series for conformance to stringent criteria controlling the design features affecting the cleanliness of the pumps along with the provenance of parts and raw materials.

This latest addition to the range has been designed to meet the high standards demanded by 3-A Sanitary Standards Inc, ensuring that ‘H’ pumps can be thoroughly cleaned. The innovative, easy-maintenance, ONE-NUT design for which Flotronic is renowned remains, meaning the pump can be maintained in minutes. Cleaning is also made easier by a specially designed support stand which allows full rotation for draining. Wetted surfaces polished to 0.8μm Ra maximum and an electro-polished overall finish ensure effective cleanability. We have also developed a new diaphragm rupture detection system which incorporates an instant pump shut-down alarm facility in the event of a diaphragm failure.

The new pump will make its debut at this year’s Achema show in Germany where it is expected to attract the keen interest of attendees from the chemical engineering, environmental protection, biotechnology, food and beverage industries.

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