NETZSCH Expands Grinding Technology to Protect Pumps and Processes

NETZSCH Pumps North America announces the new N.Mac Twin Shaft Grinder, designed to protect pumps and processes. The N.Mac is designed to fragment a variety of materials, and is ideal for wastewater treatment, biogas and biomass plants, food, animal processing, and other waste and industrial applications.
NETZSCH Expands Grinding Technology to Protect Pumps and Processes

NETZSCH expands grinding technology with new N.Mac Twin Shaft Grinder (Image source: NETZSCH Pumps North America, LLC)

Available in both open channel and inline (flanged) housing construction. The N.Mac can be installed into influent channels, pump stations, upstream from a pump or whatever your processing needs desire. It can be vertically or horizontally for hopper applications.

Complementing existing NETZSCH product lines, the N.Mac expands grinding technology offerings, providing an upstream application to NETZSCH’s core pump technology. Featuring cartridge cutting knives for the quickest and simplest replacement and servicing in the industry. The N.Mac offers quenched lubricated mechanical seals as standard for dry running capability. The mechanical seal cartridge design – a leak free combination of mechanical seal and bearing cartridges – also enables for quick and simple replacement and servicing. For higher flow applications, grinders can operate in parallel, enabling partial servicing while in operation. The N.Mac can be mounted upstream before the pump (inline model) or on top of a hopper pump with an auger (channel model). Grinders can also be stacked for successive particle size reduction. An optional control panel is equipped with an auto-reverse and alarm feature to retract jammed media at the same time protecting the motor.

The N.Mac Twin Shaft Grinder features modular assemblies and interchangeable components that facilitate universal parts servicing. Dual recessed and self-collapsing lifting tabs make pull-out for servicing simple. The flanged versions include cleanout and inspection ports. Dual tempered hex shafts are designed for pre-indexed assembly and even transfer of shock loading. An exclusive shock absorption system guarantees quiet and trouble-free prolonged operation and assists with servicing.

Models feature from 1 to 6 cutter cartridges per shaft. Each cutting cartridge has integral knives and spacers machined from a single solid piece of metal and then is heat treated. The worry-free cutting cartridges are available in different materials and different numbers of cutting teeth depending on the application. The cycloidal gearbox is maintenance-free for up to 2 years. The grinder comes standard with different cutting teeth angles and different shaft speeds, resulting in better grabbing and grinding by constantly changing the meshing of the teeth.

Available accessories include a control panel to ensure operator and equipment safety, a cutter cartridge cleaner that keeps the area free to cut and allows fluid passage, and a transmission shaft extension that elevates the electric motor to above the fluid limit. Otherwise different drive systems are available such as submersible, explosion proof or hydraulic motors.

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