MXV multistage vertical in-line pump series is extended


Calpeda MXV multistage vertical in-line pump series have been extended including the new two-pole 2900 rpm MXV 80-48 series with operating range up to 60 m3/h and the MXV4, four-pole, 1450 rpm version, for operation with a still lower noise.

Further information at Calpeda's website or visit Calpeda the next "Mostra Convegno ExpoComfort" which will be held in Milan from 5th to 9th March 2002 at Pavilion 1, Stand D12-14 F13-15.

Calpeda Facts

- Founded in 1959

- Over 1000 types of pump with powers ranging from 0.5 to 175 horsepower

- Over 250 employees

- Head-quaters in Montorso Vicentino covers some 25.000 square meter

Calpeda Group:

A cast iron foundry at Bolzano Vicentino (Zardo), and a bronze foundry with head quarters at Schio (Rubini). Specialised production of submersible 6", 8" and 10" pumps and motors at Reggio Emilia, with production of submersible 4" and 6" electric pumps at S. Vito al Tagliamento. Production of agricultural electric pumps at Reggio Emilia, and a company specialised in spa baths, shower-units and saunas with head quarters in S. Vito al Tagliamento (Blu Bleu). Total control and computerised systems management for the entire Group performed by a specialised company (Calpeda Informatica).

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