Metcar Grades M-106 and M-400


Metallized Carbon Corporation, a global leader in the manufacture of oil-free, self-lubricating carbon-graphite materials, offers its Metcar grades M-106 and M-400 resin impregnated carbon-graphite materials for mechanical parts that must run submerged in liquids.

Metcar Grades M-106 and M-400

Metallized Carbon Corporation

These materials replace oil-grease lubricated parts in submerged applications where oil-grease lubricants could dissolve, wash away, or contaminate the product being handled.

Operating at temperatures up to 500˚ F, these materials are self-lubricating throughout, non-galling, self-polishing, dimensionally stable, and high in compressive strength. Rubbing or sliding parts made from these materials provide low friction and long wear life. Additionally, these materials are chemically resistant to all liquids except for extremely strong oxidizing acids and alkalis.

Metcar Grades M-400 and M-106 are also “GRAS”, (Generally Recognized as Safe), for food processing applications by the FDA. They are extensively utilized for running submerged in beverages or liquefied foods such as potable water, milk, beer, soda, fruit juices, and pharmaceuticals. These materials are impermeable to high-pressure liquids, preventing difficult- to-remove bacteria from growing within any available porosity. Resistant to high temperatures, the M-400 and M-106 can be effectively steam cleaned.

The M-400 and M-106 materials are ideally suited for a variety of uses, including: bearings, mechanical seal primary rings, radial seal rings, vanes, rotors, end plates, and slide plates used in pumps, meters, mixers, blenders, heat exchangers, conveyors, and valves, that handle water, hot water, solvents, hydrocarbons, acids, alkalis, fuels, liquefied gases and beverages.


Metcar Grade M-400 is typically used for general duty mechanical parts. For high-load, high-speed mechanical seal rings and bearings, longer wear life is achieved with Metcar Grade


With available sizes up to eighteen inches diameter, Metcar Grades M-400 and M-106 can be provided as finished machined parts to customer drawings, or can be supplied in blank form for companies that prefer to machine their own finished parts.

About Metallized Carbon Corporation

Since its inception in 1945, Metallized Carbon Corporation has been manufacturing high-quality, dependable bearing solutions for severe operating environments. With over 50 years of Application Engineering experience, Metallized Carbon offers the field expertise and data necessary to provide The Solid Choice for Lubrication in a wide variety of industries. Metallized Carbon is ISO certified and produces the Metcar brand of solid, oil-free, self-lubricating materials.

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