Metal Pumps Have A Taste For Handling Food Products


Wilden announced that its Saniflo Vacuum-Controlled (VC) Series Metal Pumps have been designed to efficiently and sanitarily handle a wide array of very large solids in food-processing applications.

Metal Pumps Have A Taste For Handling Food Products


Among these products and applications are poultry, meat and seafood processing, whole berries, soups and chilies, beverage concentrates, vegetables, processed foods, sauces, and pie fillings.

With three pump sizes offered—102 mm (4”), 152 mm (6”) and 203 mm (8”)—VC pumps can move solids from 7.6 cm (3”) to 15.2 cm (6”) at over 8,000 lbs/hr while still protecting product integrity and increasing process yield. VC pumps are ideal for food-processing operations because they do not employ an air motor, but utilize a vacuum generator that draws the product into the wetted housing. Filtered compressed air is then used to push the product out of the wetted housing and downstream of the pump. This operation allows VC pumps to protect delicate process products from being damaged, while the pumps are rugged enough to also effectively handle whole-muscle meat, ripple fat, and other large by-products. Unlike most pumps, the VC can handle these large particulates while requiring very little fluid for pump-ability.

All Saniflo Series pumps have been specifically designed to meet the guidelines that have been established for sanitary process applications. The pumps incorporate a straight flow-through design, which allows large solids to pass while maintaining application efficiencies. All Saniflo pumps offer shear-sensitive operation, have Tri-Clamp-style fittings and are offered in 32 Ra surface finish.

Source: Wilden

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