MCE Refreshes Layout to Interpret Change in the HVAC&R Industry


A new logic of HVAC systems design is underway, as a comprehensive framework in which products, solutions, and systems integrate themselves in terms of energy efficiency, saving and respect for the environment. The change will be at the very heart of the new floor plan for MCE - Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2020, scheduled for 17 - 20 March 2020 at Fiera Milano.

MCE Refreshes Layout to Interpret Change in the HVAC&R Industry

New floor plan at MCE 2020 (Image: MCE - Mostra Convegno Expocomfort)

Innovation, combined heat and power integration, and technology are the cornerstones of an evolution HVAC&R industry is experiencing in the “indoor climate” at the centre of MCE. The new horizons for comfort increasingly pass through the digital dimension of management and control, whereas the efficiency is bound more and more by the intelligent use of Information Technology for the optimisation of energy resources of buildings.

The new model for designing will find its ideal stage in the new exhibition layout of MCE 2020, capable of creating homogeneity and continuity into the several industry sectors, giving value to the conceptual areas in a “unicum”, different and one-of-its-kind, carefully studied to meet the needs of exhibitors and professionals alike always on the hunt for technological novelties.

The exhibition space with an entirely new floor plan will go beyond the customary repartition into four macro areas, Heating, Cooling, Water and Energy, which in recent years has characterised the industry segments present at MCE. From Heating to Tools and Hardware, from Air-Conditioning to Refrigeration and Ventilation, from Sanitary Technology to Water Treatment, from Renewable Energy to Home & Building Automation and Electric Mobility.

“In the new exhibition floor plan, declared Massimiliano Pierini, Managing Director at Reed Exhibitions Italia, some product sectors are now closer to the other ones – thanks also to the linear structure of the halls of Fiera Milano – to guarantee continuity concurrently with a logical subdivision making the different commodity areas identifiable and of course, making the trade show easy for our visitors to go to see. I’m confident the entirely new layout will better tell the present and future trends of the market”.

In this context, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration areas will take up not only halls 13/15 and 22/24 as usual, but also hall 9/11 together with THAT’S SMART space, joining link between the heat and power environment. The whole components sector will be located in hall 2/4, adjacent to the entrance gate of the underground, and very close to the areas dedicated to heating, renewable energy, and plant design services (halls 1/3, 5/7 and 10), synergistic and complementary sectors.

The new exhibition layout will involve the second edition of BIE – Biomass Innovation Expo, the exhibition dedicated to biomass heating products and solutions, which has been running every other year alongside MCE, since 2018. BIE will be located in hall 6 connected to hall 10 dedicated to heating, aiming to facilitate the integration among professionals of both trade shows, thus increasing business growth and improving opportunities for meeting with the international chain of HVAC industry that regularly visits MCE.

As is now customary, MCE 2020 will be supplemented by a busy programme of conferences organised in collaboration with the leading trade associations, once again coordinated by the chair of the Scientific Committee Professor Vittorio Chiesa of Energy & Strategy Group, Polytechnic University of Milan. Indeed, many initiatives will be on offer livening up MCE 2020 throughout the course of the four days. From Partner Country with Turkey as the special guest of the next edition to Percorso Efficienza & Innovazione, a short-list of the most cutting-edge products and solutions in terms of efficiency and energy savings made by the Polytechnic University of Milan on show at MCE, and a particular focus on MEP BIM.

Amongst the new features in store for this edition, a unique space dedicated to Intelligent Water stands out. On display, the most advanced technologies for the bathroom environment to good living together with special initiatives aimed at energy efficiency in the industry with the intention of bringing a number of new categories of professionals to the trade show.

The 2020 edition of MCE intends to embody the evolution of HVAC&R industry with all services made available by connectivity, control and management of living comfort.

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