Market Leader for Sprinkler Pumps in Europe


With 19 different sprinkler pump series on offer, KSB’s product range for fixed installation fire-fighting systems is more comprehensive than any of its European competitor’s.

Market Leader for Sprinkler Pumps in Europe

Radially split Etanorm-RX volute casing pump for industrial, fixed installation fire-fighting systems (KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal,

Depending on where they will be used, pumps come in single or multiple, axially or radially split designs with a number of variants right down to submersible borehole pumps. Every pump has to meet specific demands. On one side, there are varying fire-fighting methods. On the other side, the pumps also have to match numerous different national and international test or approval regulations.

Customers place high demands on fire protection systems: All components must be constructed to be ready at any time, despite the very limited period of use. And “ready" means able to operate reliably straight off. Whether in sprinkler, deluge or foam systems, the pumps have to fulfil the highest requirements. Deluge systems, for example, require extra high pressure. Foam systems need pumps in material impervious to the medium. The pumps can be driven by electric motors and diesel engines.

In Germany alone, a fire breaks out every three minutes and causes many forms of damage. Buildings, investments and the environment all suffer. The earlier a fire is fought and contained, the less damage it causes. Damage to property in industrial plants and buildings can be prevented by automatic fire-fighting systems. Unlike manual fire-fighting equipment such as hydrants, the use of automatic systems is rewarded by lower insurance rates. Insurance companies worldwide check and certify fire-fighting products.

KSB manufactures fire-fighting units to the following standards and specifications:

  • VdS (worldwide)
  • EN 12845 (Europe)
  • FM (worldwide)
  • Cepreven (Spain)
  • NFPA-20 (worldwide)
  • UNE (Spain)
  • AS 2941 (Australia)
  • UNI (Italy)

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