Mapal Green Energy and Xylem Announce UK Link Up


Mapal Green Energy, developers of the innovative floating fine bubble aeration system for wastewater treatment has announced a technology link up with Xylem Water Solutions.

With a focus on delivering energy efficient solutions, Xylem is the UK’s largest provider of water and wastewater treatment solutions. Mapal Green Energy’s Floating Fine Bubble Aeration (FFBA) system is currently in use in some 40 locations worldwide, with applications ranging from pulp and paper mills to food processing. In the UK, it is best known for its work with water companies including Anglian Water, Thames Water and United Utilities, all of whom have committed to the FFBA concept.

Traditional mechanical surface aeration systems are often inefficient in terms of oxygen transfer rate and they use high volumes of energy. In addition, they are generally unreliable and have high ongoing maintenance costs. Sub surface aeration systems offer benefits of increased efficiency and resulting lower energy costs and are extremely reliable. However, in certain situations such as when there is a single aeration train, this type of aeration can prove to be difficult to install due to a need for an empty reactor. This is where Mapal come in.

Mapal’s floating fine bubble aeration approaches the challenge of waste water biological oxidation, both municipal and industrial, by marrying the strengths of surface aeration technology – easy to install and accessible for maintenance - with the efficiency of sub surface fine bubble aeration systems. Its solutions can deliver energy savings of between 50 percent and 70 percent, when compared to existing mechanical aeration installations.

Commenting on the new tie-up, Mapal GE CEO Zeev Fisher said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Xylem – their expertise in both the municipal and industrial markets will give a huge boost to our plans to roll out our floating fine bubble aeration technology across these markets. We will work jointly on project planning and installation and supply our hardware solutions, so complementing Xylem’s expertise perfectly.”

Adam Bond, Sales Manager – Biological Treatment at Xylem Water Solutions UK adds, “We were attracted by the huge potential for energy savings which the Mapal FFBA system demonstrates, potential which has already been recognised by Thames Water, United Utilities and Anglian Water. Mapal’s energy saving message fits perfectly with our corporate ethos of delivering intelligent, energy efficient solutions, something that will be particularly important in the new AMP6 cycle.”

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