Maag and Automatik Present Complete System for Polymer Production


At the Fakuma 2014, the PSG brands "maag pump systems", "automatik pelletizing systems" and "maag filtration systems" will be presenting a complete system for polymer production in the mid-tier throughput range. The system consists of the extrex 90 extrusion pump, the CSC-RS 116 arched screen changer and the brand-new Sphero S underwater pelletizer system.

Maag and Automatik Present Complete System for Polymer Production

Sphero® S underwater pelletizer (Image: Maag/Automatik)

The pellets produced with Sphero S are of the high quality that customers have come to expect of utomatik pelletizing systems. The whole system convinces with improved energy efficiency, great reliability and high productivity. Each of the individual system components is designed with compactness, space-saving and ease of operation in mind. Further exhibits are the Primo 200E dry-cut strand pelletizer with its cantilever bearings and an extra-large cutting width of 200 mm, and the extrex GDP twin outlet gear pump that ensures an individual and constant supply of melt to two different nozzle blocks.

Complete system consisting of extrex 90, CSC-RS 116 and Sphero S

The newly developed Sphero S underwater pelletizer is the heart of the system. The Sphero S was designed specially for compounding, masterbatch and recycling applications and operates in throughput ranges from approx. 700 to 3000 kg/h. The pelletizers of the Sphero series can thus now cover applications from virgin polymer production through to recycling. Great attention was paid during the design of the new pelletizer to making optimum use of the often confined space in production shops. The system requires no rails and can be exactly positioned thanks to the swivel arm.

There are no leaks when the cutting chamber is closed. In order to guarantee the highest pellet quality, the design of the cutting tools has also been optimised. The improved water bypass construction ensures process reliability and a faster production start-up. Operation of the system has also been optimised; die plate changing, in particular, is now carried out in a minimum of time with the new Sphero S. The pelletizer is available with manual pressure setting and with pneumatic pressure control. The jury of the Ringier "Technology Innovation Award" was also impressed with the Sphero S and commended automatik for its latest underwater pelletizer system.

Sphero S underwater pelletizer

The extrex 90 extrusion pump from maag pump systems is used to feed the melt to the Sphero S. The proven gear and bearing technology of the extrex series combines high efficiency with minimised energy consumption. Optimised flow channels, very good self-cleaning properties and a long service life are the hallmarks of the pump.

A further highlight of the system is the CSC-RS 116 arched screen changer from maag filtration systems. The use of arched screens allows the screen surface area to be enlarged (up to quadrupled), so that up to four times more active screen area can be used than with comparable screen changers with round screen cavities. The use of a CSC-RS 116 enables operators to keep their production rates at a consistently high level, while at the same time significantly reducing energy consumption and operating costs. The space requirement is also minimised. Operators who already have a filter from the CSC Series can retrofit the new arched screens in this filter. The larger screen surface area results in a considerable increase in the flow rate, and hence in higher energy efficiency.

Primo 200E

The Primo 200E from automatik pelletizing systems is particularly suited to the compounding of thermoplastics and the production of masterbatches up to a line throughput of 1.5 t/h. Primo 200E is a single-side mounted dry-cut strand pelletizer with an extra-large cutting width of 200 mm. Its unique cutting geometry - with the shortest, unguided length between the feed rollers and cut - permits optimal straight cutting of both hard, abrasive and very soft, flexible plastic strands. The pellet dimensions can be changed very quickly thanks to an optional, automatic pellet length adjustment system. The Primo 200E is an absolutely reliable, very robust and sturdy dry-cut strand pelletizer.

extrex GPD

With the extrex® GPD twin outlet gear pump, maag pump systems has created an absolute innovation: Two different nozzle blocks can be supplied with an individual and constant melt stream by one extruder. The specific output and die pressure is guaranteed by the design and variable. The operators of extrusion lines can bundle their production capacities and optimise the efficiency of their lines by feeding two separate nozzles with different throughput and pressure demands from a single extruder.

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