Low-Cost, Aluminium Pulsation Dampener


The SENTRY 2.5 gallon aluminium pulsation dampener from Blacoh is a low-cost, high-quality Pulsation Dampener for 2” aluminium air diaphragm pumps.

Low-Cost, Aluminium Pulsation Dampener

2-Half Gallon Sentry300

With a capacity over 3 times the stroke volume of the typical 2” air-operated diaphragm pump, the SENTRY 2.5 gallon offers efficient dampening and longer bladder life at an affordable price.

SENTRY Pulsation dampeners from Blacoh reduce pump pulsation, pipe vibration, and shaking up to 99%, protect expensive high-pressure tube & pipe, and extend pump component life while improving pump performance. SENTRY units also minimize pump cavitation, eliminate water hammer and pressure spikes generated by quick-closing valves, and limit damaging pressure surges caused by pump start-up and shut-down. Furthermore, SENTRY pulsation dampeners ensure the accurate reading of flow meters and gauges and produce a smooth and even flow for spraying, filling, or metering applications.

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