KSB Expands Range of High-Performance Water Pumps

The growing scale of water transport systems in the past few years has resulted in a steady increase in the volume flow rates demanded of the pumps installed, which in turn has required ever larger pump sizes. Responding to this development, KSB Group has expanded its RDLO type series from 21 sizes to 33.
KSB Expands Range of High-Performance Water Pumps

With twelve new sizes the RDLO type series has been significantly expanded in line with the trend towards ever larger pumps for water transport. (Image source: KSB SE & Co. KGaA)

The pump sets are axially split volute casing pumps primarily used for clean water transport. Their extreme durability is the main reason why they are used in pumping stations all over the world.

A casing with double volute compensating radial forces and a double-entry impeller compensating axial forces are key to a long service life. As a result, the generously dimensioned rolling element bearings are subjected to a minimum load only. Excellent efficiencies guarantee low energy costs over the pumps’ entire service life. Low-vibration operation is ensured by solid bearing brackets bolted to the upper part of the casing and a rigid shaft. The loads on the rolling element bearings, the mechanical seals and the coupling between pump and motor are thus significantly reduced.

Ease of service played an important role when designing this type series. The self-centring upper part of the casing and the spring-loaded rotor enable cover and rotor mounting without any further adjustments.

Thanks to the expansion of the type series, flow rates of up to 20,000 m³ per hour at heads of up to 300 m can now be achieved. As RDLO pumps are also capable of transporting seawater, the materials used include duplex steels alongside standard materials such as grey cast iron and nodular cast iron.

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