KMT Waterjet Systems: Abrasive Metering System Further Improved


Optimised abrasive consumption for all applications - Stable and repeatable operating parameters are fundamental requirements for consistent highquality water cuts. This can only be achieved with a constant supply of the cutting head with the necessary quantity of abrasive.

KMT Waterjet Systems: Abrasive Metering System Further Improved

KMT Waterjet Systems

This applies in particular to abrasive applications used to cut brittle materials. The new FEEDLINE IV abrasive metering system has been especially designed to meet these requirements. Its innovative yet reliable technology significantly reduces the risk of production downtimes.

The FEEDLINE IV technology

The FEEDLINE IV system supplies the cutting head with a constant metered quantity of abrasive. Thanks to the accurately metered flow of abrasive to the mixing chamber in the cutting head where the abrasive is mixed with water and air, blockage of the head is prevented. The abrasive is fed by compressed air to an 0.8-litre container. At the base of the container, the abrasive collects in the metering and transfer wheel whose rotational speed determines the feed rate to the cutting head.

New design of the abrasive outlet

The abrasive outlet at the base of the FEEDLINE IV unit has been completely redesigned. The new model consists of a single component, which facilitates maintenance as there are no moving parts. A drainage device in the outlet component significantly reduces the risk of cutting water entering the plastic hose through which the abrasive is transferred to the cutting head. This prevents water entering the FEEDLINE IV housing in the event of a malfunction.

Effective protection of the control unit

The metering wheel of the FEEDLINE IV is equipped with a shaft seal. In the event of a malfunction where water enters the housing of the metering wheel, the seal ensures that no liquid can enter the control unit, as this could lead to a short circuit. The housing lid of the metering wheel and the control unit are transparent, so that operators can easily detect any problems occurring in the unit.

Control options catering for all requirements help lower costs

The new FEEDLINE IV comes with a flexible electronic system that can be customised to suit the specific requirements of customers. Different materials to be cut require different quantities of abrasive. The thicker the material, the more abrasive is needed. Accurate metering helps lower operating costs, especially in units used to cut many different materials on a daily basis. The standard adjustment range extends from zero to 1000g per minute.

Lightweight, compact design for easy installation

Apart from the many technical innovations, the new metering system comes in a redesigned casing. The aluminium housings of the abrasive container and the metering wheel are now powdercoated. This makes them not only more attractive but also easier to clean. The redesigned FEEDLINE IV is more compact, narrower and lighter in weight than its predecessor. With a total weight of only 2.8 kg, it can be mounted to any type of waterjet cutting machine.

Features of the improved FEEDLINE IV

  • Redesigned abrasive outlet
  • Watertight control unit
  • Flexible control – adjustable to meet specific customer requirements
  • Light-weight construction
  • Transparent lid of electronic unit and metering wheel housing
  • Powder-coated housing

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