Jukka Koskela Is New CEO of Flowrox


Jukka Koskela, the new CEO of Flowrox Oy started his work on 15th May 2015. Mr. Koskela came to Flowrox from Outotec, where he had responsibilities as the Vice President of Global Product Management. His main task was to turn well known project oriented house into a customer oriented product house with a competitive product and service offering.

Koskela finds the timing of strategically finished project and the new opportunity at Flowrox as lucky coincidence: “We had just reached the main project goals at Outotec when the work opportunity at Flowrox came to my knowledge”. Settling down at Flowrox has been fairly easy to Koskela, thanks to his Larox background. Flowrox has plenty of Larox history and legacy; however the most important factor in learning the new company culture has been familiar people both in Flowrox and in stakeholder network. “Every company has its own culture. Learning Flowrox business and solving its challenging points requires many discussions and support from the organization”, Koskela states.

Koskela brings strong experience of market driven product management to Flowrox. He believes that systematically developed process structure brings beneficial support when company wants to grow its volume to the next level. Koskela also has a very strong vision about the importance of sales and sales tools. Koskela states that the sales tools must be developed in a way they are user friendly and support the targets of people working in customer interface. Through these people customers experience what Flowrox really is and how they are served.

Even if the times are currently challenging, Koskela thinks that it is possible for Flowrox to achieve the target of 100 million Euros by 2020. Before that however, company hast to adjust its fundamentals so that when the demand increases it can respond to it without problems. “Flowrox has a very good product range, and the basic product profitability is at reasonable level we have good conditions to reach our strategic goals when demand increases” Koskela explains further. According to the general market forecast the situation of mining industry is expected to improve during the year 2016. Flowrox benefits also from its fairly strong daily business, as it is not that dependent on project sales. “In future we need to also think about new market segments, products and solutions where we could have opportunities and our products can offer additional value” Koskela adds. Another benefit is that Flowrox products are needed in many different industry segments and customer groups. Flowrox can market its products to the end customers, OEM customers as well as engineering offices.

According to Koskela, the product novelties launched during the last year complement the Flowrox offering well and they are easy to connect to other Flowrox products. “As Internet of things continues to develop for example Scaling Watch opens to Flowrox a totally new channel as a marketer and developer of intelligent components” Koskela continues.

Source: Flowrox Oy

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