Johnston Pump Introduces its New Standard Turbine Pump Line


Producing highly engineered, quality vertical pumps has been a legacy of Johnston for over 90 years. As a continuing commitment to meet or exceed customer needs, Johnston has introduced a Standard Turbine Pump series.

Johnston Pump Introduces its New Standard Turbine Pump Line

(Source: Johnston Pump)

Ideally suited for municipal and industrial applications, the Standard Turbine Pump offers the following features:

  • Competitive price and delivery
  • 16 sizes covering 35 hydraulic sizes
  • Available in Investment Cast SS impellers
  • Standard high efficiency
  • Dual bowl bearings, extending pump life
  • Bowl wear rings (standard)—reduces repair cost
  • Line shaft same size as bowl shaft, extending shaft and bearing life and reduces vibration
  • About Johnston Pump

    Johnston Pump Company is the specialist for vertical pumps. Johnston is a leading supplier of circulating water pumps and condensate pumps for the electric power and cogeneration industry. The Company one of the broadest lines of vertical turbine, propeller (axial flow) and mixed flow pumps including special designs, special materials, pumps to 100" bowl size and test facility flow capabilities of 130,000 USGPM. It is the industry leader in supplying pumps for geothermal power.

    Johnston Pump Company was founded in Los Angeles in 1909. Today, Johnston’s main manufacturing and assembly plant is a 250,000 square foot facility situated on 53 acres of land in Brookshire, Texas; 40 miles west of Houston.

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