ISH China Attracts Over 15.000 Visitors


Exhibitors were unanimous in their praise of the sixth ISH China, which took place in Beijing from 14 - 17 March. The general feeling amongst participants was that the quality and quantity of visitors to the show had tangibly improved since 2004, and the event had an overall more professional feel.

It was generally remarked upon as being the single most important event for the heating, air-conditioning and sanitation sectors in Beijing, if not the whole of China. The show was certainly the best attended ISH China in history, with over 15,000 visitors flocking in from 49 countries & regions.

The exhibition housed just under 300 exhibitors from 19 countries & regions, including some of the world's leading names from the heating, air-conditioning and sanitation sectors such as Siemens, Buderus, Grundfos, Viessmann, Vaillant, Immergas, Honeywell, Riello and Merloni TermoSanitari.

"Both the quality and the quantity of visitors at ISH China has dramatically increased and improved," said Mr. Volker Both, General Manager, Marketing and Sales-China for Vaillant GmbH, a German manufacturer of condensing boilers utilizing renewable energy. "We received a great response to our energy-efficient products, which we are showing for the first time. ISH China is a strong platform for bringing in new agents and distributors."

"The Danish exhibitors find ISH China is the most important and focused expo within our business field in China," said Mr. Thomas Teglstrup, Chief Representative of Danish company Broen. "The time, location and standard for the expo is perfect. The visitors were mainly a mix of end-users, OEM system builders and distributors. We also met some developers and design institutes. We found a good mix of local and international quality and relevant visitors at the show, which are target / potential customers or partners for the Danish exhibitors. I believe most companies want to participate the next ISH China; It's the best organized exhibition."

"We've been at ISH China since 2000, but it was only in 2004 that we started to sell our boilers in this market through local representatives," said Mr. Paolo Azzali, Export Manager for Immergas of Italy. "Since that time, we have sold over 30,000 boilers in Beijing alone. The market is clearly ready for us. This year we've set up our own office in China and are using ISH China to introduce our new Chinese colleagues to our clients. China is a very important market for us. Condensing boilers are relatively new here and demand is growing year by year. ISH China has unquestionably helped us increased our presence and develop our brand in China."

There was much talk at the fair about the Chinese Renewable Energy Law that became effective in January 2006, and how that would affect suppliers in the heating and air-conditioning industry.

"The five year plan of the Chinese government that was presented recently places emphasis on the improvement of energy efficiency. This highly ambitious programme for energy savings opens up numerous sales opportunities, especially for German producers," said Dr. Uwe Schwarting, Managing Director of Deutscher Gro罫andelsverband Haustechnik e.V. (The German association of wholesalers for sanitary and heating equipment). "The Chinese market offers interesting sales opportunities in the field of solar energy, energy saving and efficient cooling and air conditioning equipment. This chance must be resolutely leveraged by German suppliers. A trade fair like this is the best opportunity to inform potentially interested parties."

The main exhibition was supported by a comprehensive information exchange and education programme, comprised of two major conferences; the Sino-European Congress: "Modern Energy Saving Equipment for Heating and Air-conditioning of Buildings", which explored the theme of renewable energy, and the WPC / ISH China Academy Plumbing Symposium at which the World Health Organization's new guidelines on the Health Aspects of Plumbing were unveiled. The programme was supplemented by further discussion forums, including a seminar by the Danish Board of District Heating, and numerous product presentations. All fringe events were well attended, and feedback from the 500 plus participants was extremely positive.

"I have been at every ISH China since its debut in 1996, and there is a clear development in terms of both quantity and quality of visitors," said Mr. Andreas Luecke, Secretary of the Economic Commission, The Association of the European Heating Industry after the fair. "The heating products showcased here have changed from coal-based to gas-based products, reflecting changes in the local market; which is exactly what a trade fair should do. ISH China now presents a much wider range of products and services than it did initially, and without doubt is one of the most comprehensive shows in China in the heating sector. This is reflected in the fact that worldwide market leaders from Denmark, Germany, Italy and France are have all chosen to exhibit here this year. The quality of the exhibitor presentations has also increased; booth design and company materials are on a par with that of European shows. ISH China has become a significant platform for dialogue between China and Europe in terms of technical and economical solutions for energy saving, high security and comfort in buildings. For EHI, the show is certainly proven to the leading heating event in China and we will continue our full support in the future."

Mr. George Bliss III, Chairman of the World Plumbing Council (WPC) and co-organiser of the ISH China Academy plumbing Symposium, was equally impressed by the turnout and professionalism of all attendees. "This is the first time I've visited China and it's been an amazing experience. ISH China is a terrific event, which has opened my eyes to future opportunities," he said at the close of the fair.

Speaking generally about the importance of safe plumbing practices for health in China, Mr. Bliss added; "China and India contain about one-third of the world's population, so demand of usable water is especially high here. At ISH China, the WPC has met with Chinese government officials in the hope that the new Health Aspects of Plumbing will serve as a guideline when planning building projects in this remarkable and vibrant market. The WPC / ISH China Academy Plumbing Symposium covered various topics including drainage design and public health, water conservation and environmental protection, and training in the global water industry."

"ISH China has reaffirmed its position as a valuable forum for marketing and sourcing new technology, plus an information and technical exchange," said Mr. Jason Cao, deputy general manager of Messe Frankfurt in China. "We are extremely happy with the results here this year."

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