International Dialog More Important than Ever: ACHEMA Pulse Offers Forum for Discussion

Digitalisation, hydrogen, resilient supply chains or faster R&D processes – various topics are currently engaging the attention of the process industry. This concerns companies all over the world and call for an international exchange. At ACHEMA Pulse, they take prominent positions in the program.
International Dialog More Important than Ever: ACHEMA Pulse Offers Forum for Discussion

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The digital event offers a hub for all those who want to participate in the discussion – whether on the interactive platform or in the virtual conference halls.

The topics that are currently on the top of its agenda are as global as the process industry itself. Not only the past 12 months have highlighted how important digitalization, flexibility and resilient supply chains are; how important it is to quickly set up or adapt production lines; but also that data security is a topic of utmost business critical relevance.

All these topics will be covered by the ACHEMA Pulse live programme on 15 and 16 June 2021. The most prominent features include the Highlight Sessions with thought leaders and practitioners, as well as lectures and discussions that take a close look at the current hot topics:

  • Artificial intelligence in the process industry: what role does artificial intelligence play for process and product development? Robert Feldmann from Microsoft will discuss this with industry experts in a Highlight Session. The use of AI in biotechnology, where the latest breakthroughs in the calculation of protein structures could mean a paradigm shift for drug development and biocatalysis, is also part of the agenda.
  • Hydrogen as a "gamechanger": Are we entering the hydrogen economy? How can the necessary electrolysis capacity be built up, and how does hydrogen interact with other technologies and with other industries? Among others, Lijs Groenendaal of Shell and Ronnie Belmans of the Catholic University of Leuven, will share their views.
  • Faster, bigger, more global: vaccine development and the establishment of large-scale vaccine production has shown what is possible when research, development and production are accelerated. Which experiences can be transferred? This will be discussed by developers, producers, but also suppliers and equipment manufacturers who were involved in these processes in the background.
  • New bioproduction systems: Bio-based production methods are well-established in the speciality sector. Companies like Genomatica are aiming higher and develop at large-scale production of chemicals. What are the opportunities and limitations of the new "biofactories"?
  • Diversity and gender equality: A change is gradually taking place on the boards of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries - women are taking over technical portfolios and board chairmanships. Current surveys show that this is by no means the end of the matter. How can diversity be firmly anchored in the business world and how do companies benefit from it?

In addition, a three-tier application-oriented conference programme and numerous satellite workshops will attract participants to the virtual discussion rooms. ACHEMA's main topics, such as the Lab of the Future, Modular and Flexible Production or Process Security and Safety, will be given a lot of space at ACHEMA Pulse. At the same time, it will mark the start of the new areas "Ditigal Hub" and "Circular Innovation Zone", which will bring new stakeholder groups into focus at ACHEMA 2022. Exhibitors will also be active at ACHEMA Pulse with their own streams and workshops, giving potential customers and business partners the opportunity to find out about their offerings in detail.

The need for international exchange is strong; this is shown by the response to ACHEMA Pulse so far. "We currently have registrations from 23 countries - this shows how important the exchange with others is. The opportunity to do so is gratefully accepted," says Dr Björn Mathes, project manager of ACHEMA Pulse. Both exhibitors of ACHEMA 2022, including Siemens, GEA, EKATO, OPC Foundation or Romaco, and first-time exhibitors use ACHEMA Pulse as an opportunity to stay in contact with each other despite travel restrictions and to further develop business concepts and win new partners against the backdrop of last year's sometimes painful experiences.

ACHEMA Pulse is more than just a high-profile event. It offers a safe, interactive and international platform to discuss all the issues that concern chemical engineers in France as much as in China and biotechnologists in the USA as much as in Italy. It is equally clear that such discussions and networking take time. That is why the interactive platform opens as early as 31 May 2021 and will then remain accessible for four weeks. In the virtual environment of ACHEMA Pulse, renowned exhibitors will present their technologies and solutions; participants from all over the world will be able to make contact and engage in conversation via matchmaking tools based on their specific interests.

Those who, in view of the multitude of possibilities, cannot experience everything they are interested in live, can subsequently access the recordings until the end of June and, of course, continue to exchange ideas with the speakers by digital means. The tickets, which are available now and at particularly favourable conditions until 31 March, will open the virtual doors of ACHEMA Pulse for the entire four weeks from 31 May 2021.

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